EXO XOXO Everysing Official Merchandise

Purchase any 3 items or more, and get $1 off the total bill.

Emblem T-shirt (S/M/L/XL) $35 $33
EXO Enblem T-shirt

Kiss & Hug T-shirt (S/M/L/XL) $35 $33
EXO Kiss & Hug T-shirt

Photo A *signature is printed (state member) $32
Signed Photo A

Photo B *signature is printed (state member) $32
Signed Photo B

Ring (Gold/Silver) $28

Shoulder Bag (Black/White) $48
Shoulder Bag

T-Shirt Logo (Black/White, S/M/L) $53.50 $53
T-shirt Logo

T-shirt Character (EXO-K/EXO-M, S/M/L) $48T-shirt

Bag (Blue/Red) $35
Bag (Blue)

Bracelet (Blue/Orange/Yellow/Violet) $28Bracelet

Cap (Stud) $91
Cap Studs

Cap (Yellow/White) $66
Cap Yellow

Desk Mat $23
Desk Pad

Magnetic Board $35
Magnetic Board

Oil Control Film $12
Oil Control Film

Pouch $32
Pouch Blue (Large)

Small Pouch $26

Slogan $23

Polaroid Set $33
Exo Polaroid Set

Poster $10

Clear File (state member) $10
Clear File

Ear Cap (state member) $12.50

Fan (state member) $9.50

A4 Hard File $27
A4 Hard File

Band (Type 1/Type 2/ Type 3) $16

Enblem (Type 1/Type 2) $14

iPhone 5 Case (Character/Font/Logo) $34iPhone 5 Case

Mouse Pad $13
Mouse Pad

Pencil Set $19
Pencil Set

Post-It $22
Post-It Set

Stamp $34
Stamp Set


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