Ordering Guide

1.Browse through the items and calculate the total of the items you wish to purchase.

2. Send in your payment.

For Singapore buyers,

All payments to be transfer to POSB Savings 106-27493-2.
For cash deposit, please round up the amount and let me know the amount I need to refund you in the ‘remarks’ section in the order form.

I do not accept concealed cash.

For Overseas buyers,
(this option is available for Singaporean buyers as well)

Paypal (taesparkle@hotmail.com)
For those who are paying in PayPal, please use the total amount x 1.05/1.07 to cover the PayPal fees.

For amount under SGD55, take the amount x 1.07. For amount of SGD55 and above, do take the amount x 1.05.

Eg. If your total amount is SGD50, the amount you should send is SGD53.5 (SGD50 x 1.07).
If your total amount is SGD67, the amount you should send is SGD70.35 (SGD67 x 1.05).

3. Fill up the order form (https://poptheshop.wordpress.com/order-form).

Do check the order status ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgIcip5jysdIdDFkeGFfR0lDRndjVFJ3YTcwZG04SFE&usp=sharing#gid=0 ) after 48 hours.
Tweet @_poptheshop/email taesparkle@hotmail.com  if there’s anything wrong with your order/if your order is still not up.

4. Wait for the item’s arrival.

For Singapore buyers

After the items arrive, emails will be send out for collection details.

Meet-up at Buangkok mrt. (Usually on weekends)
Self-collection under my block (Compassvale Bow)
Postage (Normal/Registered)

Postage fees will be collected after items arrive.

For Overseas buyers

There will a second payment for the shipping fees to your country.
*if you need a quote for shipping fees to your country before your purchase, please email me with the items and your country.

I assumed all buyers read and agreed to the T&Cs before submitting the order form. 





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