CN Blue Blue Moon in Seoul Concert Merchandise

CNBLUE Blue Moon Beam Ball-pen CNBLUE Blue Moon Brochure CNBLUE Blue Moon Deco Seal CNBLUE Blue Moon Ear-Cap CNBLUE Blue Moon Eco Cup & Holder CNBLUE Blue Moon Light Stick
CNBLUE Metal Badge Set
CNBLUE Blue Moon Mini Photo CardCNBLUE Blue Moon MirrorCNBLUE Blue Moon Postcard SetCNBLUE Blue Moon Poster SetCNBLUE Blue Moon SloganCNBLUE Blue Moon T-shirt 


Beam Ball-Pen $14
Brochure $15
Deco-Seal $21
Ear-Cap $26
Eco Cup & Holder $24
Keyholder $24
Light Stick $15
Metal Badge Set $28
Mini Photo Card $22
Mirror $10
Postcard Set $12
Poster Set $16
Slogan $25
T-shirt (L/XL) $27


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